The works of author Michael Blackwell are now available directly through the printing company Here you can find House of Angels as well as his collection of poetry Merboy. Though availability of some titles may vary, the prices listed here are the lowest anywhere.


House of Angels

Novel - After the unexpected death of her father, eleven-year-old Mona, who possesses the ability to see and communicate with angels, lives alone and at odds with her much more beautiful and successful mother. The relationship between the two is further strained when Mona is given a prophecy that her mother may die soon. Meanwhile, Mona's aunt shows up suddenly with a son whose father is possibly a late music idol. The often terrifying apparitions the angels reveal to Mona help her to make sense of the upheaval in her life and to make peace with death.



The Rising Son

Novel - For the past three years Jet St. James has lived in the shadows of the streets of New York. In that time he has been hiding from the world and his own demons following the deaths of both his parents. His mother Emma, a loving but eccentric vagabond herself, was obsessed with the boy's elusive father Trent St. James, an internationally celebrated superstar. Leaving New York to settle in D.C. Jet continues to be stalked by the lives and deeds of Trent and Emma. Along the way he encounters a fallen angel in the guise of a beautiful girl who in turn falls in love with him. The two struggle to understand life and each other as the angel guides Jet to his ultimate destiny that will at last resolve the story of his parents' tragedy-ridden romance.




Poetry - Often dark, magical, and intensely emotional, the poetry of writer Michael Blackwell speaks from a realm set apart from the ordinary. Love and spirituality are woven into dreamy images yet remain achingly grounded as Blackwell draws from depths and highs of the emotional and mystical landscapes of his world.



The Fairytale of Jeremiah County

Novel - Four hundred years ago Lorlien, King of all Fairyland, was trapped inside a tree of wisteria in the mortal world. Ages pass before at last a young boy chops the tree down, freeing Lorlien who is then endebted to him. The boy is given three wishes which the King must grant before he is allowed to return to his own world, but the boy is reluctant and spreads his wishes out over the course of his lifetime. As the years go by there is a war brewing in Fairyland which has been without its ruler while Lorlien was detained. The battle eventually spreads to earth eventually resulting in the great World Wars. When Lorlien tricks his master into granting his wishes he incurs the human's wrath and seeks revenge.

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Horrible Little Stories

Short Stories - Author Michael Blackwell presents here a collection of nine short (and not-so-short) stories of dark deeds and strange things. Enter a different time and place as you follow the sinister lives of Blackwell's demons to Paris and Vegas, the glittering seventies, the lurid nineties and more. Explore the beauty of both the common and the supernatural through these tales all with Blackwell's signature appreciation for characters and storytelling. An entire cast comes to life across every page as you read through each of these artfully, intriguingly, delightfully horrible little stories.