Download Ainarda : Download Ainarda's Necessary Agents

Congratulations! You found one of The Lantern Light's hidden easter eggs! This is for a computer game called Creatures 3 of the Creatures franchise.

Ainarda (Elvish Quenya "Holy Realm"; 'aina'=holy 'arda'=realm) is a new world created by Merboy originally for Creatures 2 but now being developed for Docking Station. Originally conceived in 2007, production of this new world halted for four years but resumed in 2011 when the project was completely redesigned by its creator. As it fell back into dormancy little work was done to the project, however as of 2013 the project is being offered for download.

While Ainarda is playable the world is not yet complete. As such it is offered as-is with somewhat inadeqate food sources, toys, hatchery, and transportation options. Creatures WILL die in areas apart from the nursery and beneath the Great Tree where the golden apples fall. However, the world is open to anyone who wishes to add to it. There is plenty to get you started!

You MUST download the agents and inject the map expansion file FIRST before you inject Ainarda.

I would very much like to thank Ghosthande, Laura, Moe, Liam, and AquaShee for their absolutely gracious help. Without their expertise and selflessness Ainarda would not have been even slightly possible. A huge thank you to each of them.


Interesting Facts:

  • Ainarda was conceived in 2007, reworked in 2011, then released in 2013.

  • Ainarda is loosely inspired by the world of Middle-Earth (the nursery is Hobbiton, the treehouses are Lothlorien, the Haunted Castle is Mount Doom, the Brindie Caves are Moria, etc), hence the Elvish name.

  • There were originally going to be Brindies included in the world (the little purple creatures you see pictured here). They were to either be a new norn species or a critter that would fly around Ainarda abducting norns and taking them to The Hidden Place (see below for more information).

  • The Haunted Castle was intended to have three doors along the back of the topmost floor. These doors would occasionally open at random if a norn was nearby and two hands would reach out and pull the norn into the darkness, closing the doors again. Those norns would then find themselves in The Hidden Place.

  • The oceans were going to have some lovely stalks of kelp that grew much like the stacking plants in Docking Station, growing taller and taller and alternating in color. They would also release little flowering seeds that would provide food for mer-creatures.

  • One of the rooms in the Brindie Caves (so named because the nest you see would be the generator of the Brindies) was to have little closed flowers all up the side of the walls. When a norn was present the flowers would all open up and show their brightly colored faces all at once, revealing sparkling jewel-like food within them.

  • The head statue in the Sundering Sea was intended to spit out various fish when clicked.

  • The walls of the tunnels beneath the Great Tree, just right of its roots, were going to have ivy that produced edible flowers and fruits.

  • If Ainarda gains enough momentum I am still considering creating The Hidden Place which will be a little pocket realm that holds captured norns. Not much is known about that location but if it does come to fruition then it will likely be released as part of a CCSF.

  • There were relatively large, unused areas in Ainarda such as the rocky space beneath the Haunted Castle to allow room for others to add new spaces and agents allowing the world to evolve and grow further.

  • The music for Ainarda is incomplete but you can hear a medley of its ambient sounds here (657KB).

  • Ainarda was originally meant for Creatures 2, but as it was being redeveloped in 2011 it was determined that Docking Station's engine and gameplay were more stable and better suited for the project. Because of this, Ainarda's map is the same size as the entire Creatures 2 world.

  • NEW : Sprites for a vine plant in the Haunted Castle that provide food can be found here (castlevine1.c16). The vine would be placed in the castle along with the cluster of dark grapes. Whenever the user or a norn hits the grapes (and also at random intervals on its own) the cluster would drop several grapes that bounced, providing food in the castle.

    I've always believed that the Creatures Community thrives on third-party contributions from its members. Without them the series would have died off long ago. It is because of the endlessly creative and gifted people willing to add to the games and to help each other that the Community and Creatures franchise have remained so loyal and strong. If you would like to build your own agents, breeds, and new worlds then here are some of the tools you'll need to get you started:

    CAOS : Room Editor : PRAY : Sprite Shop : EASYbuilder

    Feel free to email me with questions or comments form the main contact form. If there are any errors with the world that you'd like to tell me about then please remember that this release is as-is :p